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New Business Startup Program

New Business Startup ProgramCCR has developed a program for new business startups where the benchmarking of current costs and contingency based services are unrealistic. We feel that this program more closely matches the needs and resources of a startup business but still enables them to take advantage of the cost and time saving benefits that result from our services.

The fee for this service is determined by the size and nature of the business and the number of expense categories reviewed. A fee will be quoted following the initial fact finding interview. Fees are payable as follows:

50% at agreement signing
The remainder after presentation of recommendations

CCR will continue to work with the new startup until they are satisfied with the suppliers in each category. We also offer an optional retainer agreement that enables us to support the new startup with any supply chain management needs.

The New Business Startup Program operates as follows:

There is an initial interview (which can be done via telephone). During this interview, we gather specific information regarding the startup such as the  materials, products and services that are needed, projected usage, expected growth rates and payment terms required.
CCR calculates the fee and designs a plan of action.
Client agreement is signed, 50% of fee is paid and work is started.
CCR identifies needs, contacts appropriate suppliers, and performs supplier quality assessments and onsite audits (if necessary).
Supplier contracts and/or agreements are then negotiated on the clients' behalf.
CCR then provides the client with:
       1. the list of CCR Certified Suppliers for each expense
         category including contact name and phone number
     2. the negotiated pricing and terms from each supplier
     3. specific recommendations as to which suppliers to use
     4. any other relevant information such as delivery
         terms, etc.
Meetings with chosen suppliers are then set up, introductions made, questions answered and relationships established.
Remainder of fee is paid.


Client is responsible for maintaining supplier relationship, order placement and supplier payment. CCR will continue to work with client until client is satisfied with a supplier for each category reviewed.


Initial interview with management and CCR Consultant
Fee calculation and plan of action
Agreement signed and 50% of fee paid
Identify needs, suppliers and perform assessments
Negotiate agreements
Present recommendations
Meet with suppliers
Pay remainder of fee
Collect cost savings




An optional retainer agreement is available from CCR which enables us to support the new startup with any supply chain management needs.

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