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Expense Reduction  
The goal of our cost reduction consultants is to free up your purchasing professionals, enabling them to focus on your strategic or direct spend categories. We then target the non-strategic and consumable expense categories that were mutually agreed upon and use our cost reduction techniques embedded in our 7-step process, “CCR’s Road Map to Cost Savings.”

CCR’s ability to negotiate long term savings is the result of a number of factors:

First, the introduction of third party expense reduction analysts into the purchasing process causes suppliers to seriously reevaluate their position.

Second, since we work with more than one company at the same time and in many cases with the same expense categories, we are better able to determine cost containment opportunities by evaluating what the market will bear.

Third, we utilize a customized expense reduction consulting process that is usually reserved for strategic or direct spend categories with significantly larger spends.

Fourth, we are motivated as a result of our compensation package and make the time to follow our process and go the extra mile.

Fifth, we ask!

CCR's cost reduction strategies generally proceed in the following manner:

determine which expense categories might benefit from a procurement services and strategic sourcing review
develop understanding of current and future needs and parameters relating to suppliers and products/services needed
begin “CCR’s Road Map to Cost Savings” 7 step process
present recommendations
implement recommendations
begin saving
monthly and quarterly reviews
quarterly documentation of savings and invoicing
ongoing client support


Client involvement in our process is minimal and most work is done offsite.

Contact us today to have our cost reduction consultants review your expense categories and show you how they can improve your bottom line.

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Why CCR?

The ability to reduce costs is as important as the ability to increase sales. CCR provides the practical, long-term solution for reducing the outlay for regularly purchased goods and services.

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