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"This letter is to thank you and your staff for the outstanding consulting services you have rendered Desjardins Federal Savings Bank. Your ability to pinpoint cost saving areas for the Bank was remarkable.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend 'CCR' to other companies. The degree of professionalism, risk free nature of services, and the ability to negotiate with vendors were key elements."

Desjardins Federal Savings Bank


"We have been working closely with CCR and have always received prompt professional service. CCR has been working closely with our team here at U.S. Spares in effectively, efficiently and of course successfully negotiating with our various vendors in order to offer us a multitude of options and there after implement long term savings plans."

US Spares, Inc.


"As you know, we are in the process of franchising our retail concept and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our overhead. The recommendations you made regarding our telecommunications, were implemented perfectly and have resulted in a 40% savings."

Dans un Jardin Parfumeries


"Your work in relation to our monthly phone usage has been excellent. Consistent with your dogged persistence (this job in itself would have stopped most other persons), you were able to conduct the analysis of all incoming lines and the entire system and launch us on the road to savings. I would recommend your services to any person that is lucky enough to receive this."

Oceanmark Bank


"Our calculations show that you have reduced our repackaging costs by 34% for an annual savings of approximately $27,000. This involved renegotiating better prices with our current triple wall corrugated vendor along with helping us determine that we could use 1,000 lb. versus 1,300 lb. board. In addition, we obtained substantial savings by switching from our local lumber yard to a major lumber distributor."

Clover Systems, Inc.


"As a company involved in international trade, we need to communicate with our home office in Bogota, Colombia. In the past, we have tried to set up our own communications package using staff. One day CCR made a couple of suggestions which I tried and was very pleased with the results. Their services enabled me to free up my staff and resulted in a 13% savings on international and domestic calls. What's best, it was all at no risk to my company. My only regret is that I did not contact CCR sooner."

Delta Trading & Marketing LTD.


"Truthfully, after negotiating on our behalf with ADP and achieving the reduction of $4,300 on our invoices last year, none of us here at NABI thought we would be able to get any more concessions in pricing. However, the $10,000 projected payroll processing savings you secured for the current year demonstrates unquestionably the value of your services and, because your work is on a contingency basis, the result is a real win-win situation for NABI."



"CCR has proven to be very knowledgeable and aggressive in reducing costs."

Esprit Miami


"I think the best part of your service is that I can't lose! You do all the investigating and behind the scenes work, and I get some valuable information and spend less money."

Taylor & Pure Insurance Associates, Inc.


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for your hard work and persistence on behalf of National Opinion Research Services. Your knowledge of leverage in negotiations and familiarity with the telecommunications industry will literally save us tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years on our long distance and T1 loop charges."

National Opinion Research Services


"We purchase significant quantities of drugs and supplies for our practices. You identified the highest volume items, which account for the majority of expenses. You then negotiated better pricing with our current vendor for an annual ongoing savings of approximately 16%. In addition, you saved us 30% on our long distance and significantly reduced our rates on credit card processing. This savings will increase over the years as we add new clinics."

Aventura Animal Hospital


"We have been hearing great things about you from the many clients and contacts that we have referred you to. Whether they be large law firms, catalog companies or major child care providers, they all say: "very professional, very efficient, and produces great results."

Karpel & Company, PA. (CPA'S)


"We were pleased with the significant rate reduction achieved and the risk free nature that the savings was provided. Based on our experiences with Corporate Cost Reduction, we intend to pass your risk-free service on to our clients with the hopes of obtaining similar benefits."

Daskal, Bolton & Manela (CPA's)


"In addition to renegotiating better long distance rates with our current carrier AT&T, you managed the network changes that were required in order to change from One Line Wats to Uniplan. The network changes went smoothly and the savings have been significant. I appreciate the professionalism you have displayed through out the negotiations and implementation and with the follow up you have provided my staff."

World Flowers Inc.


"In addition to negotiating lower rates with our current carrier for a savings of approximately 45%, you reduced our fixed charges by hundreds of dollars per month by having the carrier waive the fixed charges completely. You were correct in determining that we were being charged for equipment that had been returned previously and that we were also being charged incorrectly on a per minute basis."

First Miami Securities


"I could not find the time to research which telephone companies were right for me. When you took charge of helping me make those decisions, I was enormously relieved. Thank you for your guidance and the good savings we are now enjoying."

Abatement, Property Tax Assessment Consultants


"According to our calculations, you have saved us 10% on our office supplies while remaining with our current vendor. Approximately 20% on our intralata calling and 32% on our long distance. Most importantly, you advised us to switch from trunk lines to regular business lines which has resulted in a $278/month savings."

Center Finance Corporation


"Once again, you have made tremendous strides in reducing our expenditures. Our telecommunications/data network is quite complicated due to our numerous locations, ESSX and ISDN service and T1. The new contract that you have just negotiated for us, results in an annual savings of approximately $65,000. As you might expect, the net rates are extremely low.

     • $ .0201 intra
     • $ .0175 intralata

     • $ .0859/minute inter
     • $ .0617 intra


We were quite surprised that you were able to accomplish this with our current carrier, who is one of the largest providers in the country."

Continental Farms


"Through your efforts, we are saving thousands of dollars per month in the areas of telecommunications, bottled water, cellular service, office and program supplies and food. In addition to savings, we appreciate the way you have set up programs and controls that will help us manage these categories more effectively in the future. We particularly recommend your services to any nonprofit organization."

Redlands Christian Migrant Association


"Thank you for the work you have done for us over the past 12 months. You had stated that you would produce savings and you did. You were able to keep us with our current carrier but reduce our inbound 800 rate by approximately 20%."

Office Connection


"We have been very satisfied with our relationship with Corporate Cost Reduction. They have treated all our employees with professionalism and courtesy in addition to delivering the savings they promised us."

Young, Stovall & Company


"Corporate Cost Reduction have been very useful in assisting us to reduce our long distance telephone costs, as well as our payroll processing fees. CCR is knowledgeable about cost containment issues. They have demonstrated dedication in locating areas where costs and expenditures can be cut, and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

Adorno & Zeder, P.A.


"Through his expertise in this field, he was effective in negotiating further reductions in our rates (long distance) which have resulted in an annual savings of over $14,000 to the bank. Mr. Ronder proved himself to be a competent and professional individual. He worked strictly on a contingency basis and the final fee was determined on actual hard dollar savings. Accordingly, we are pleased to serve as a reference for Mr. Ronder and recommend his services for this type of engagement."

Ocean Bank


"BTI Americas, Inc. thanks you for your efforts in assisting us in reducing our monthly BellSouth charges. As you know, the margins in the travel industry are being squeezed on a daily basis. Anything we can do to reduce our overhead while providing the same quality service to our clients is a big plus! Your contingency fee structure made our relationship risk free. As a result, we recommend your services to any company, whether they feel that their expenses are under control or not."

BTI Americas


"This letter is long overdue to officially thank you for the useful services you have provided. Telecommunications is one of the largest expenses for a travel agency. I am happy to say that with your help, we have achieved an annual savings of $10,180 with a new local service provider. We have also realized approximately $2,000 of annual savings with a new office supply vendor that you recommended. When we decided to purchase a new phone system, your negotiations on our behalf netted a significant savings in the contract. If companies and employees are constantly busy with their daily responsibilities, it seems almost impossible to find the time to stop and analyze the way you are doing business and the vendors you are using. Not only the time saving benefits that a consultant can provide, but also the "set of fresh eyes" can give you options you might have never thought of."

Atlas Travel Management Company


"As you know, the apparel business is very competitive and anything we can do to minimize our overhead is a plus. After meeting with a number of our top managers you were quick to negotiate an annual ongoing savings of approximately $9,500. These savings were generated in the areas of printing, telecommunications, insurance and payroll services. In addition, you had us retrofit our lighting fixtures in our offices and manufacturing area. This resulted in significant savings and a payback of less than 2 years. I would highly recommend your services to any company that is concerned about reducing overhead."

The Sanibel Company


"By negotiating a new contract with LDDS we will be saving approximately $8,760 annually. Also, we have noticed significant savings in our Employee Leasing. We would highly recommend CCR to any company seeking to reduce their overhead."

U. S. Floral


"You performed these services professionally, reviewing the costs involved with these services without utilizing very much of our internal staff's time. Your communication to me of our options and the cost savings was both timely and clear. Even after the new rates went into effect, you followed up to insure that the outside suppliers were billing the correct rates. If a problem existed, you followed up with the supplier saving myself the time and effort that it normally would have taken. With our communications provider you were able to negotiate rates that will save the company in excess of $100,000 per year. You also were able to reduce our costs with our payroll processor."

Discovery Cruise Line


"As our Corporate Cost Reduction agreement comes to an end, I would like to say thank you for your efforts to reduce my long distance phone expenditures. It was comforting to work with an organization that allowed both parties to succeed via your contingency arrangement. Your professionalism was also comforting, knowing that you would represent my company in an upstanding way. Furthermore, the important time you spent on this particular project allowed me to focus on other pressing business priorities and, I appreciate your clear and concise follow-up reporting.

Based on our entire relationship...... I would not hesitate to recommend your services as an option to explore cost containment and expense reduction ideas.

Concrete Reinforcing Products


"As a new employee of Related Group of Florida, I was looking to make a good name for myself within the company. One of the various projects given to me as Director of MIS was the Telecommunication audit. My regular job duties left little time for this critical project. I needed an assistant but it was not in the budget. This is when I discovered Corporate Cost Reduction, Inc.

Victor Ronder, the owner of CCR, came to my office and proposed a solution to my situation. His efforts netted my company a huge credit from the phone companies. This was like found money, and CCR did not cost the company any additional funds.

Due to CCR's efforts, I was able to look like a hero in my company. I would definitely recommend the use of their services."

The Related Group of Florida

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